Rescission of Deal Structure and Founder Shares Guidelines

Effective immediately, the Exchange is rescinding its Bulletins/Notices to Issuers dated December 11, 2007 and October 20, 2008 related to Deal Structure and Founder Shares Guidelines (collectively, the “Capital Structure Guidelines”). Rescinding the Capital Structure Guidelines will have the principal effect of removing the existing 15% limit on “Founder Shares” prescribed by the Capital Structure Guidelines in respect of any New Listing.

Shareholder Approval for Share Consolidations

The Exchange will only require shareholder approval for a share consolidation which, when combined with any other share consolidation conducted by the Issuer within the previous 24 months that was not approved by the Issuer’s shareholders, would result in a cumulative consolidation of greater than 10 to 1 over such 24 month period. It should be noted that an Issuer may still be subject to shareholder approval requirements under applicable corporate laws.