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and resource companies



British Columbia Securities, Corporate and Business Lawyer Helping Venture Companies Go Public, Raise Capital Through Private Placements & Prospectus Offerings, Complete Mergers, Reverse Takeovers, Takeover Bids, Acquisitions & Dispositions, Establish Capital Pool Companies, Reactivate NEX Board companies, and Comply with Securities Regulatory Requirements on their Road to Success.

Experienced lead lawyer providing efficient legal services for more than 20 years
Woods & Company, based in Vancouver & West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada represents start-up and early to maturing stage venture companies that are listed or wishing to list on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange. Woods & Company has significant experience in assisting Asia (particularly China) based Businesses list on the Exchange. Woods & Company also advises OTCBB and other listed entities in the United States with connections to British Columbia in matters of British Columbia securities law. Michael H. Woods (Mike Woods), as lead lawyer, has more than 20 years of experience providing effective and cost-efficient services for clients. We help early stage non-resource and resource venture companies complete initial public offerings, reverse takeovers, or mergers towards listing on the TSX Venture Exchange, and assist existing listed companies with financings, acquisitions, dispositions, and related transactions while complying with the extensive regulation of public companies carried out by the TSX Venture Exchange, the BC Securities Commission, other Canadian provincial commissions and, indirectly, the SEC. Call Woods & Company today to schedule a free initial consultation and find out how we can help your business move forward.

Personalized attention and detailed preparation helping clients secure results
Skilled lawyer Mike Woods enjoys the challenge of assisting clients in transactions and helping them succeed with their corporate needs. He brings to your case the benefit of:

  • Mike Woods recognizes how important personal attention is to providing the best legal services and helping businesses move forward and expand. At Woods & Company, you have direct contact with Mike Woods.
  • We take a thorough approach to your venture needs. We help with structuring transactions to most efficiently meet your goals. We stay abreast of the changing regulatory and market landscape in order to advise how best to achieve your goals.
  • We execute in a timely fashion and respond to your needs and those of your brokers and the regulators quickly and effectively.

Skilled lawyer focused on helping start-up, early & mature stage venture companies with all of their public company requirements
Woods & Company offers legal services to venture companies with connections in British Columbia in matters of securities, corporate law and business law:

  • This is our predominant focus. In our securities practice, we help venture companies get listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, and we assist public companies in complying with various stock exchange and commission regulations when expanding their businesses.
  • We provide corporate law services as part and parcel to our securities services, including incorporations, restructurings, shareholder & director meetings & resolutions, and minute book maintenance.
  • We will assist our client companies in finding and assessing business acquisitions.

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